Workboat Apprenticeship

The basis of the Apprenticeship is SQA Level 5 Maritime Studies: Workboats program which is gained through a combination of classroom courses (20%) and on-the-job training (80%) and topped up through use of the Workboat Association's electronic Training Record Book which candidates will be required to complete by uploading evidence of on-the-job training.

Mandatory Enhancements: Each apprentice must pass the following 4 safety courses – which are a statutory obligation – before serving at sea. They are normally taken together with a security course in a week’s off-the-job training:

Course Syllabus

Course content

The Modern Apprenticeship is made up of three elements:


To achieve the Diploma, apprentices must complete 13 learning units:

The following 5 certified courses are also completed as part of the course;


12-24 Months