MCA Boatmaster Tier 2 Prep

The MCA Boatmaster License is required by;

There are 4 Levels of MCA Boatmaster License, (BML). The two national licenses can be used throughout the UK, The two restricted licenses are tied to a particular port, for example, River Clyde, Loch Ness, or Oban.

5 day course £950

Given our commitment to keep prices as low as possible, in the current economic climate we reserve the right to cancel & reschedule any course which is not fully booked

Pre Requisites 

Whats Included

 Booking an Exam

The exam is conducted by an MCA Examiner, usually on board your boat. It contains two sections: a practical assessment and an oral exam. This Tier 2 prep course is intended to help you with the oral exam. If you additionally require training toward the practical section then we can arrange for an Instructor to join you on board your employer’s vessel.  Either before or after doing this course,  you will need to apply for a licence. Follow this link: 

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