RYA Radar

RYA Radar Course is suitable for leisure and commercial skippers and navigators of small craft. Radar is popular on both sailing and motor boats, and is an invaluable aid for pilotage, navigation, and for collision avoidance. It is only useful though in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced operator. This course provides the knowledge for you to then gain the experience. 

Small craft radar is probably the most versatile of all electronic navigation aids. Over a day of training we can teach you how to adjust the controls, interpret the picture and make use of the set for navigation and for collision avoidance. 

1 day course £130pp

Given our commitment to keep prices as low as possible, in the current economic climate we reserve the right to cancel & reschedule any course which is not fully booked

Course Syllabus

Pre Requisites 

None (although a basic understanding of navigation and IRPCS will be very helpful

Whats Included

Course Dates

Contact us if dates are unsuitable, or no dates are showing